Selasa, 29 Juli 2014

Personal Plots Update

Some of our personal plotters have decided a personal plot is not for them which means we have some new gardeners joining us, so welcome new gardeners!

Currently there is still a plot available. If you have not been contacted for a plot and you are interested please email us at, to make sure you are still on the list.

Remember, to be assigned a plot you must be a member of the garden (pay $10 per year or email/show us your concession card, this needs to be renewed each year). We have a system for assigning plots which takes into account your gardening space at home, how close you live to the garden and your volunteer history with the garden. The best way increase your chance of getting a plot assigned is to come along to Garden n Gathers or to help out in a group at the garden.

If you don't feel you can commit to a plot, not sure if you know enough to garden on your own, like gardening with others or are just dying to get your hands dirty come and join in with the Communal Crew. Regular meetings on the second Sunday of the month and other times coming soon.